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No matter your sector, we’re committed to assisting you in reaching your business objectives. A Digital Marketing Agency based in the United Kingdom and Monaco, our journey to success has been marked by a willingness to go above and beyond. We are a dynamic, creative team dedicated to seamlessly integrating with your business and striving to be an invaluable extension of it.

The Team


Owner, BlueFantome

James W Phillips is the owner and founder of BlueFantome, part of the JWP Media Group. James has over 31 years experience in corporate communications, marketing, publishing, regulation and PR and lives between the UK and Monaco.

Katie Saunders

Relentless Magazine Sub Editor


Head Of Digital Marketing

Paul started his own gig in 2014 after spending 15 years at Microsoft, where he worked on some amazing projects, including a trip to Sudan during its civil war and assisting the United Nations with a new refugee registration system. Since then, the digital marketing scene has evolved significantly, but Paul’s commitment to honesty, providing the best tools, and ensuring his success is directly tied to helping others succeed has remained steadfast.


Graphics & Socials

Gina is a dynamic freelance creative who thrives in the realms of web and graphic design. With a diverse portfolio that spans hospitality, high-end retail, and visual merchandising, she now focuses on social media content management, bringing her organized, detail-oriented approach to every project. Gina’s work is characterized by her keen visual sense, always aiming to make designs leap off the screen.


Paid Media Manager

Certified by the almighty Google, Mary is a digital advertising guru and business development wizard. She has concocted strategies for Google Ads and Facebook Ads that could charm anyone into clicking ‘like,’ even someone’s grandma! Her forte lies in whipping up campaigns so irresistible that they leave competitors salivating, all the while ensuring an online presence that dazzles like a unicorn in a glitter factory. Armed with her superpowers of audience targeting, campaign optimization, and data analysis, Mary is on a mission to help businesses dominate the digital realm and transform their ROI aspirations into reality. Think of her as the Cupid of the digital world, expertly ensuring that your brand’s arrow lands squarely in the hearts of your target audience.

In her younger days, Mary dreamed of adventures across continents—inhaling the fragrant blooms of Peru, dancing the tango with penguins in Antarctica, and championing the cause of kangaroos and elephants.


Web Developer

Chris is all about web tech and has been into it for a while. He’s big on Web Development and Digital Marketing, loving the way the Internet opens up spaces to be creative, explore new possibilities, and take on challenges. Always on the hunt for something new to tackle, Chris is eager to dive into exciting projects and keep growing in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

What We Do

BlueFantome is a lifestyle choice. Whether we partner with your brand or you as a public figure, we will act as your agents, your design team, your publishers and your mentors to place you and your business in the best position for increased brand awareness worldwide, digitally and in person at glamorous events, in national and international press, print and digital media and manage your public image.

Are you ready to elevate your brand?




French Riviera

North America

Get to know us

About BlueFantome

BlueFantome takes its name from the Fantome II, the three masted Clipper which made her maiden voyage as a cargo ship in 1896 named the Belem. In 1922 she became the property of Sir Ernest Guinness who renamed her the Fantôme II and Archibald Wilsher, serving as a crew member for Lord Guinness around the world was the Great Grandfather of our founder, James W Phillips.

We are a public relations, publishing and multi-media marketing business operating worldwide. We are a team of highly experienced professionals with over 100 years combined experience.

BlueFantome is owned and maintained in the United Kingdom by the JWP Media Group.


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People and businesses we have worked with

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